Dates Event Description Award Chairman
Mt. Prospect Ryder Cup Ryder Cup format against Mt. Prospect AWARD: Traveling Team Cup CHAIRMAN: Kevin Nicholl
Mini Go Cup 1-Day Ryder Cup @ Glenview & Wilmette with 12 tee times. AWARD: CHAIRMAN: Kevin Kunde
Sat 4/27 - Thu 10/31 Chesterfield Cup Two Man 4-Ball Match Play Using full handicaps per player per hole. All matches are to be played from the Black Tees (or Maroon Tees if Black Tees not available) for Champs, A and B players. C and D players can play from the Silver or Silver/Black tees AWARD: The winning team will get their name engraved on the Chesterfield Cup. Cash prizes are awarded to the top four teams. CHAIRMAN: Joe Albrecht
Sat 4/27 - Thu 10/31 Class Match Play Season long match play with handicap by Class. (Champ, A, B, C, D) Blind draw for placement in one of five divisions. Scratch Match Play is NOT included here and is on a separate registration link. AWARD: Cash Prizes to top four winners. CHAIRMAN: Joe Albrecht
Sat 4/27 - Thu 10/31 Scratch Match Play Match play without handicaps. You play your opponent straight up without stokes. AWARD: Cash Prizes for top four winners CHAIRMAN: Joe Albrecht