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2018 Turkey Shoot winners

1st place:  John Demand, Mel Kostalik, Larry Roubitchek, John Nicholson

2nd place:  Jeff Lawler, Steven Michols, John Casey, Martin Schultz

3rd place:  Robert Quill, Jay Beadle, Dan Bechtold, Ed Mueller

4th place:  Mike Wielgos, Ken Houdek, Stephen Forgette, George Korompilas


2018 Hole In One Winners

2018 Hole in One winners sharing the $ 1,000 prize pool:      

Arliss Estes, Bill Byron IV, Mel Kostalik & Mike Rieck

2018 Major Event Winners

Click the link below to see the GMGC 2018 Major Event Winners

2018 Major Event Winners