About US

2021 GMGC Officers and Committees
President   Peter Heinz III pjhajh83@gmail.com
Vice President Jeff Lawler jlawler72@gmail.com
Treasurer Mike Wielgos mwielgos1@gmail.com
Golf Events Chairman Keith Evans kevans30@gmail.com
Secretary Dan O'Brien DOBrien@wsorlaw.com
Rules Committee Chairman Brad Martin bmartin150@gmail.com
Handicap Committee Chairman  Bob D'Augustino robertdagostino1@yahoo.com
Greens Committee Chairman  Kevin Nicholl kevin.nicholl@gmail.com
Legal Chairman Edward Mueller  emueller@nisen.com


Committee Responsibilities

Rules Committee

The Rules Committee shall establish the ground rules for all Club competition which shall be final in the event of a dispute

Handicap Committee

The Handicap Committee shall assist the membership and answer questions regarding the posting and recording of scores, into the CDGA platform compliant with the World Handicap System standards.  Report findings of reviews to the GMGC Board of Member-to-Member handicap disputes

Greens Committee

The Greens Committee shall work with the GPGC Operations staff on  the operation and condition of the golf course for all GMGC events

History of the Men's Club
When the Chesterfield Country Club was purchased by the Glenview Park District in 1955 for the purpose of converting the course into a municipal daily fee course, a small group of men who had played at Chesterfield and who enjoyed golf, formed the Glenview Men's Golf Club. The purpose of forming the club was to provide good fellowship among those who had a common interest in the game of golf. Although the club membership at the beginning was very small, it has grown over the years to approximately 200 members. The purpose, however, has remained the same. The Men's Club was incorporated in the State of Illinois as a not-for-profit corporation June 27, 1983.

Past Presidents
Dan Crouch 2020 Sean Byrne 1988
Andy Stohl 2019 Cliff Huske 1987
Guy Sarli 2018 Rod Faber 1986
John Turnbow 2017 Dave Rowlands 1985
Ken Houdek 2016 Walter Kelley 1984
Jack Zur 2015 Wally Walsh 1983
Ed Burda  2014 Mike Carreon 1982
John Casey  2013 Jim Jenz 1981
Steve Bucklin 2012 George Ankley 1980
Bill Strey 2011 Jack Rieker 1979
Pete Wildhage  2010 Al Coletta 1978
Kevin Nicholl 2009 Bob Thomas 1977
Dave May 2008 Gordon Marshall 1976
Ken Pospiech 2007 Arnold Galiffa 1975
Dan Day 2006 Guy Bacci 1974
Mark Monson 2005 Dan Scarola 1973
Mike Ring 2004 Bud Miller 1972
Joe Tardi 2003 Bob Sterner 1971
Dick Shortino 2002 Chuck Novak 1970
Gary McAvoy 2001 Bob Higgins 1969
Bill Moore 2000 John King 1968
Chuck Wagner 1999 Roy Yauch 1967
Dan Maga 1998 Karel Wegkamp 1966
Norm Anderson 1997 Arnold Ott 1965
Dave Tosh 1996 Herb Hasenberg 1964
Bob Beilmann 1995 John Barney 1963
Bob Rowlands 1994 Fred How 1962
Chris Janke 1993 Ed Lindsey 1961
Brent White 1992 Joe Agresto 1960
Al Brown 1991 Bill Kaupert 1959
John Waechter 1990 Bill Kaupert 1958
Jim Kelleher 1989 Dick Buchen 1957
    Dick Buchen 1956