Hole in One Club

Hole-In-One Club

All members are included in the Hole-In-One Club while playing at the Glenview Park Golf Club. The total purse in 2022 will be $1,000.

  1. The competition for the season will begin coincide with the first GMGC event of the year, Beat The Board on 4/14/2022. The season will end with the Turkey Shoot Tournament.
  2. Members scoring a hole-in-one MUST be playing with another member of the GMGC who will attest the fact.
  3. A full eighteen hole round is required and members can be playing any day of the week. The member does not have to be signed up for the weekly Men's Club event to be eligible to win the money in the fund.
  4. Upon completion of the season the Treasurer will divide the total monies in the fund by the number of members scoring a hole in one and disburse the monies to the winners at the Fall Meeting. In the event there are no winners during the prescribed season, the $1,000 may go into the prize money fund in the following year based on the GMGC Board decision.
  5. Any member scoring a hole-in-one should submit the attested scorecard (or a copy of the attested scorecard) to the Treasurer of the GMGC.


2022 - John McNichols, Jerry Pierce, Tom Korman, Kevin Swank, Steve Fleming, Mitch Adams 2021 - No Winner
2020 - Pat McMahon 2019 - Dan Maga
2018 - Arliss Estes, Bill Byron IV, Mel Kostalik & Mike Rieck 2017- Mike Turro
2016 -Dan Crouch 2015 - Bill Moore
2014 - Andy Stohl, Jim Janesku 2013 - Steve Forgette
2012 - No Winner 2011 - No Winner
2010 - Jerry Welter, Larry Stapleton, Joe Tardi 2009 - George Silca, Mitch Chuck
2008 - Bill Hahn, Bill Byron IV 2007 - Bill Moore, Dick Mattimore, Andy Herman
2006- Jerry Welter, Curt Lumpp 2005 - Tom Korman (2), Dave May, Chuck Wagner Dick Shortino
2004 - Ken Petersen, Peter Heinz 2003 - Mac McMillion, Larry O’Brien, Mike Ring, Kevin Hayes, Tom Ulrich, George Silca, Chris Marinos, Jim Murphy
2002 - Jeff Heath, Dan Maga, Sheldon Natenberg 2001 - Dave Glaser
2000 - Jim Kosick, Dick Shortino 1999 - Mike Ring, Don Gow, Mike Leavitt, Dick Manske, Ken Faulkner
1998 - Len McGee, John Waechter 1997 - Dan Maga, Ray Appel, Jack Christiansen, Don Wenzl
1996 - No Winner 1995 - John King
1994 - Jim Kosick, Les Lyall 1993 - Gordon Bruckner, Jack Christiansen, Dick Manske
1992 - Bob Rowlands 1991 - Norm Anderson, Bill Clentano, Bill Maurer
1990 - Les Lyall 1989 - Roger Bagg, Irv Didier, Chuck Felder
1988 - No Winner 1987 - Cliff Huske
1986 - No Winner 1985 - Thomas O'Rourke, Dave Rowlands