GMGC Policies

Weather Policy

  1. In general, if the Glenview Park Golf Course is open and available, the Event will be played as scheduled.
  2. The start of a round may be delayed be weather/course conditions. Unless otherwise stated, you are required to show up at the course ready to start at your assigned Tee Time for that round. You should check the Web Site for any updates.
  3. Cancelation of an event/round, due to weather/course conditions, will be made by the GMGC Board.
  4. If round is suspended by a weather delay, you are expected to remain on the course grounds until play is resumed, or, the round is cancelled by the GMGC Board.
  5. A minimum of 9 holes must be completed by all members of a Class/Flight/Group for the round to be considered an “official round”.
  6. If all members of a Class/Flight/Group cannot finish 18 holes in an official round, the total score for the round will be the sum of hole scores up to and including the hole that every player in a Class/Flight/Group completed. 

    For example, if every player in a class only completes 13 holes (some may have completed all 18 holes), your total score for the round will be the sum of the scores of 13 holes regardless of how many holes you actually completed.
  7. The decision of the GMGC Board is final.

Refund Policy

  1. Any member who has registered for any event may request a refund at any time before the stated Registration Deadline of the event.  Requests for refunds after the deadline will be handled on a one-by-one basis by the GMGC Board.
  2. If a refund is requested, it will be made in the form of payment it was originally received.  For example, if the registration is paid using PayPal or Venmo, it will be refunded from PayPal or Venmo.
  3. A member may apply a refund to the next GMGC Event that has the exact same registration fee.  Refunds cannot be used to pay for any GMGC merchandise or annual dues.
  4. All members registered for an event that is cancelled will have their registration fee refunded.