Glenview Men's Golf Club Information

Welcome to the Glenview Men's Golf Club (GMGC) Home Page.  If you are a member, please Logon to see all the events and information. 

If you are not a member, you're in the right place if you:

  1. Love to play Golf
  2. Want to meet other guys who love to play Golf 
  3. Like a little competition while you're playing Golf
  4. Just want to have fun playing golf

The GMGC is a club of 220+ members of all skill levels of golfing ability. We provide social events that will allow you to meet some fellow golfing enthusiasts. We offer several Team golfing events if you’re just into having fun playing golf.

We also provide an opportunity for serious golfers to see how they stack up against other guys with similar ability by offering Scratch Match Play competition and a season ending, 36-hole Club Championship.

We are not a Golf League, we are an organization that runs golf events. We have 8 Monthy Team events, Individual Match Play events (scratch and handicapped), and our flagship Chesterfield Cup event, a 2-Man Handicapped Team Match Play competition.

The annual membership dues are $60 ($50 for guys 65 and older). With you paid dues, you will receive:

  1. Free entry into a Weekly Low Net event 
  2. Free Entry into all Social Events
  3. The opportunity to register and play in 8 Golf Events and 3 Match Play events*

* - additional entry fee required

We do provide a option to activate a single-season CDGA Membership during the registration process ($40 extra fee) if you have not renewed or don't have a CDGA Membership.

Signing up is easy, just click on New Member Registration link below to start the New Member Registration process. If you have a CDGA Number, please provide that number when you fill in the application.  We accept PayPal for online payment and cash, check, and credit cards for in-person payments.

New Member Registration


If you have any questions you may send us an email at