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Paying with Venmo

Paying Dues/Event Registration with Venmo

For those members that use Venmo on a regular basis, you are now able to use Venmo to pay for Annual Dues, Event Registration, or Merchandise on the GMGC Web Site.

Paying with Venmo is available if you:

  1. You have Disabled the PayPal One Touch option in you PayPal Account
  2. You have Enabled Mobile Web Purchases in your Venmo App on your phone.
  3. You have Connected Your Mobile Browser in your Venmo App on your phone's browser. You can only connect Safari on an iPhone or Chrome on an Android phone.
  4. You Use your cell phone to register and pay for Annual Dues, Event Registration or Merchandise (touch the "Register and Pay Online (PayPal/Venmo)" button.

After you touch the "Register and Pay Online (PayPal/Venmo)", your phone will eventually display a screen that looks similar to this (this is an iPhone screen):


You would then touch the "Continue with Venmo" button and finish paying with your Venmo Account.

If this is the first time you've used Venmo to purchase from a Web Site, you will be asked for some additional set up, including the following:

You will need to finish the Venmo Set up to actually complete the Venmo Payment.


If you don't see the "Continue With Venmo" button, you may not have enabled Mobile Web Purchases or Connected your Browser to your Venmo App.  Please see Getting Started Purchasing with Venmo for details on how to enable Web Purchasing.

You must use your Cell Phone while registering  for an event to be able to pay with Venmo

If you haven't yet done so, you should update your profile to include your Venmo ID in the new field.  This will allow us to link your GMGC User ID to your Venmo ID.  You can update your profile by clicking here: My Profile.

Note: You must be logged on to the Web Site to update your profile.


If you have any questions, please contact the GMGC Treasurer.