Match Play Guide / Rules / Policies

  1. Must have a valid USGA Handicap Index 
  2. Must have 6 posted scores in the last 12 months
Requirement You MUST be able to play a match on a Saturday or Sunday if those are the only days available for others.
Field Size Max 64 Teams (132 Members) Unlimited Unlimited
Seeding Blind draw Blind Draw Blind draw
Handicap Usage 100% of handicap Handicap Difference No Handicap
Black - Champ, A, & B Class
Silver - C & D Class
  Note: Matches may be played from the Silver/Black Tees if the course is set up without seperate Black and Silver Tees
Putting Any putt may be conceded.  
Sudden Death All matches begin sudden death on 1st hole. Please work with the Starter/Pro Shop before you begin the play-off.


Other Rules/Policies

  1. All members entering the Chesterfield Match Play or Class Match Play Events must have an established USGA Handicap Index and must have posted at least 6 scores to the CDGA Web Site during the last 12 months.
  2. Entry into the Chesterfield Match Play or Class Match Play is an acknowledgement of the willingness to play your match on a Saturday or Sunday. If you cannot play a match on Saturdays or Sundays, do not register for a Match Play Event.
  3. The USGA calculates handicap indexes every night and your current Course Handicaps will be available by 6:00AM each day. You must use your most current Course Handicap on the day of the Match. 
  4.  All matches must be played by the Round Deadline unless otherwise stated by the GMGC Board (e.g. prolonged unusual weather conditions).  Matches that have not been played by the round deadline will be scheduled by the GMGC Board on a Saturday or Sunday.  If one Player/Team does not show on the GMGC Board scheduled date/time, that team will forfeit the Match. If both Players/Teams do not show, a double forfeit will be recorded and the scheduled opponent for the next round will receive an automatic win.
  5. A Chesterfield Match may be played 1 Player vs. 2 Players or 1 Player vs. 1 Player.
  6. Chesterfield Matches are to be played from the Black Tees using your current Black Tee Course Handicap on the day you play the match. If the course is set up for Silver/Black Tees on the day of the Match, the Match will be played from the Silver/Black Tees and all participants will use their current Silver/Black Course Handicap for that day. 
  7. If a match is tied after the 18th hole, the match will continue on the 1st Hole.  The first player/team that wins a hole will be considered the winner.  Hole Handicaps apply as normal in extra holes. You must check in with the Starter or Pro Shop prior to teeing off on the 1st hole.
  8. If after a match starts the course is officially closed, and then reopened on the same day, the match may be resumed from the tee where it was halted. If play cannot be resumed on the day the match started, it may be resumed on any subsequent date within the schedule limit. Play will begin on the first hole (GPGC requirement), but the scoring of the match to resume at the tee of the last incomplete hole of the unfinished match. Players will use their current Course Handicap from the Black Tees (or Silver/Black Tees if the course is set up as such) on the day the match resumes and recalculate strokes received on the remaining holes in the match.

All decisions made by the GMGC Board are final.